Sunday, 3 April 2011

Spring was here but now it's gone and an Orchid update

As I basked in the morning sun, having my breakfast and admiring the daffodils on the table this morning I thought that spring had finally reached the west of Scotland. By 1.30pm we had hailstones the size of golf balls and heavy, heavy rain!!! I think it'll be a while yet before I can watch my washing fluttering in the breeze! Oh well, while indoors....

My Orchid hasn't been touched for many weeks so I've been busy getting things back on track.

I've made, or rather assembled and painted, all the bathroom fittings. This is from a kit by Chrysnbon, which I love. I'm sure going to have lots of fun accessorising this room ... once I've decorated it of course!

Also here's a sneak preview of the 'wallpaper' for the bedroom. I was browsing the rails of ribbon in Hobbycraft and came across this - isn't it just gorgeous!!!!!

I will make a card template of the walls in the bedroom and fix this ribbon to it. I can't wait to see how it turns out.

Mini hugs to everyone x