Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Furniture Revamp

Well it doesn't seem that long since I last posted but it's over a month ago..where did that time go??? Anyway real life has been meddling in my miniature endeavours so I've not done a great deal of late, however whilst having a clear out of miniatures I came across various pieces of mismatched bedroom furniture. A dressing table that had lost it's mirror and was a ghastly red mahogany colour, a pine wardrobe that the door had fell off, a bed that had been 'dressed' previously (but was a bit naff to be honest) and a chaise which was a wee bit small for 12th scale but fitted across the bottom of the bed. Rather than give them their freedom I decided I would revamp them. I forgot to take 'before' photos but here is the result of a week's painting, sanding and general tweeking.

I've still to add more items inside the wardrobe and finish the bolster cushion on the bed but otherwise I'm very pleased with them. The rug is one of my own designs and has a matching cushion on the chaise. And I don't know if you can see the detail on the bedspread but it is so pretty - it's tiny dandelion 'fairies' blowing in the wind with some script that's so small I can't read it.

As yet I don't have a home for them so I'll keep them in reserve for a future project. Hugs to all that need one x