Friday, 26 August 2016

Hello Old Friends....

... and how lovely it is to see that some of my favourite bloggers are still around.  Sad though to note that other bloggers seem to have stopped sharing their craft with us but as I know only too well life events have a habit of overtaking us sometimes.

Over the past four years or so I've simply not had the time that I used to have in which to indulge my hobbies due to family bereavements and caring responsibilities.  But I need a life too ... right? ... so now I am ready to rekindle my love affair with dolls houses and all things miniature.

Since last here I have sold my largest dolls house, The Laurels, downsized my collection of miniatures, cleared out my stash of all those little bits and pieces we keep 'just in case' and tidied my craft room in preparation.  It's exciting!!

As before I still have a list of smaller projects that are in various stages of completion and, as I have been without a 12th scale dolls house for at least two years, I am itching to start on a brand new kit which has been gathering dust for such a long time.  It's the Mimosa Cottage and Basement from Dolls House Emporium.  It's a 'Quickstyle' kit meaning it's decorated externally and painted white inside.  Looks pretty enough but I've a feeling there might be some alterations in the future!

Oh, it feels like I'm starting this blog from the very beginning so lets put the past behind us and move on.

I am so looking forward to sharing my miniature endeavours with you all again and would be thrilled to hear from anyone who is still following my blog - even through the wilderness of the past few years!

Mini hugs to all xxx