Monday, 21 March 2011

Back in Harness!!!

It has been so long since I posted anything - sorry! I haven't been idle though! Still gripped by my stitching demons I've been cross stitching, mainly Un Finished Objects (UFOs) but also some miniatures that I can't show you yet but will in time.

I finished a cross stitch of the 'Tate Baby House' and instead of having it framed have made it into a cushion. Here's how it turned out....

I also finished a 'Victorian Floral Heart'. This one is tinged with sadness as I had stitched it for my parents 40th Wedding Anniversary. Although my Mum saw the stitching finished she passed away before I could have it framed. I don't feel it would be appropriate now to frame it so I unpicked the lettering in the centre and replaced it with a simple 'A', my mum's initial. Again this has been made into a cushion and I've stitched a tiny 'For Mum' into the design although you will have to search to see it!

One cross stitch that made it to the framers is 'Harmony'. I just adore this little girl sitting at a piano. The kit was made by Bucilla who are (were?) the company allowed to reproduce the work of artist Bessie Pease Guttman. Sadly I can't find anymore of these kits so I assume they've been discontinued, shame!
You can see some more of my finished cross stitched projects on the Stitching Allsorts blog. So that's just a wee quick update - I'm starting off on some more minis now as I've swaps to do and my Orchid house is starting to get a bit mardy as I've not so much as looked in its direction lately, so it's off to work I go. Take care x