Monday, 26 April 2010

Eye Candy Treat!

A friend of mine, who is not a miniaturist, sent me a link to a site saying that she did not know if it was any good or not. This proved to be a bit of an understatement....this house is fabulous!
Maddie gave permission for me to add some of her photos to my blog and if you would like to see more (and I know you will!) visit her here

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Garden Delights!

I do spend an awful lot of time on my doll houses and miniatures but at this time of year my garden, which is largely neglected for most of the year, always seems to call me. I recently spent the day with a friend who loves gardening and, after a lovely walk, we went on a tour of the local garden centres, stopping at one for lunch. I came home full of ideas, two tomato plants and a pepper plant. Yesterday I managed to rope the whole family into helping turn an unused plot into the start of a new, albeit small, vegetable/fruit/herb garden. So far, the only plants in the ground are chives and some raspberry canes. I now have two propagators sitting by the window having sown parsley, coriander, basil, peas, spring onions, courgettes, carrots and salad leaves. Oh and not forgetting sweet peas and lupins to add a splash of colour! We have blackbirds nesting in our conifers, blue tits filling the nest boxes and the bees seem to be coming out of hibernation so the garden was a hive (no pun intended!) of activity yesterday. Even our guinea pigs did their bit and cropped some of the grass for us!Today it is very overcast and drizzly so I'll wait for a sunnier day to show you the garden. Meanwhile, hope everyone enjoys their Sunday however you choose to spend it x

Friday, 23 April 2010

It's not on my list, but...

It's a great feeling getting all those little bits and pieces finished up and even starting again on The Laurels but I feel restless and, for my sanity, I need a little diversion - but it's just a little diversion, if that's any excuse! While clearing out some....junk, I think is the best word, I came across a box of old picture frames and it got me thinking that they would be ideal as the base for ... something! As they are just now they're hardly inspiring but I have a little bear by Josephine Parnell called Lollipop and it was always my intention to make a sweetie shop window for her to gaze into. Here's Lollipop...I love her to bits!

My mind is whirring with ideas so I'll be back soon with a progress report. Until then...

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

My Lady's Bedroom

Just popping back with an update on The Laurels. The main bedroom belongs to the lady of the house. The decorating was finished a while ago so here's her room...

and here it is with the furnishings I've collected to date...

Still to find chest of drawers and wardrobe but the ceiling in this room is quite low too so it may have to be something I custom make, we'll see. And below are curtains that took me soooo long to make - but don't they hang well? There's a matching pair needed for the window at the front of the house - the material is all cut ready, just needs to be pleated.
Hope you enjoy the view so far x

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

More hats, anyone?

Good Morning, Everyone! You may remember I was recently working on some minis for a swap friend but didn't want to share them with you until she had received them? Well they have arrived at their destination, she loves them and I hope you do to...

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Progress in the Nursery..

Hi again! This week I've been mainly playing with beads (those miniature beaded bags are addictive!) while waiting for the postman to bring the bed I had ordered for the nursery. But I've also revamped an old set of drawers and painted a dresser to match which I've started to fill with the toys that I've either made or been given. The Nursery now looks like this...

So lots of accessorising still to be done! And this is the bed which I have spent all day painting and assembling. I love it!!!

The glue's still wet so I'm afraid to move it at the minute but once it can be handled the base has to be painted and 'strung' so the mattress (that I've still to make) can sit on it. Then it's the soothing job of making some bedding to go on it which I'll be doing this week.
Before I go may I extend a warm welcome to miniannalee, DebbieLee and Casitamini - glad to have you here x

Monday, 12 April 2010

May I introduce ...

I recently mentioned "48 The Laurels". This is my largest dolls house and one that is definitely for keeps. It was made in kit form by The Dollshouse Workshop and is five storeys high. I have had it for over three years having bought it locally, ready built but totally untouched, for the knockdown price of £40. From time to time I have a surge of energy and spend several days working non-stop on it then do nothing for months. I would now like all the decorating finished so I can concentrate on accessorising it.

The exterior has had several repaints ('cos I kept changing my mind!!) but I've finally settled for a red brick frontage, painted sides and white windows. I have cut out loads and loads of brick slips from card so these need to be glued on - a time consuming business and one that I keep putting off! I chose card brick slips partly to keep costs down but mainly to keep the weight down 'cos she's one heavy lady already. Here's the exterior as it is at present...

Inside - I thought I would start by showing you one of the rooms in which the decorating has been finished, the Nursery at the very top of the house. I made the fireplace from mountboard, added coals and a light and then put in a false wall at the back to allow an opening to be made to house the fireplace. The wallpaper is a Peter Rabbit design and the floor is simply stained wooden floorboards.

There is not a great deal of height in this room with it being in the attic so I chose wall lights either side of the fireplace. They were a bright brassy colour which was totally out of keeping with the rest of the room so they were given a quick coat of pewter paint to dull them down a bit. I did have some furniture in this room but it was never really right so I've left it out for now while I search for just the right pieces.

So off to work I'll go and report back soon. Take care!

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Tiny doll and teddy..

After another night spent stitching away here's my little doll, she's 3" tall. I'm quite pleased with how she turned out but in all honesty I don't think I would attempt another one - think I'll stick to miniature teddies instead. The teddy in the picture was the first one I attempted and she was so much easier than the doll!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone!

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Miniature UFOs are now finished minis!!!

Hello again! After a head-down, get-on-with-it couple of days I'm pleased to say that most of those unfinished miniatures have now all been completed...phew! Here's the fruit of my labours for you to view while I go for a!

'Beaded Handbags'

'The Cushion Collection'

"Own Design Rugs"

"Rugs (from Janet Granger kits)"


'Pull-along trolley with building blocks'

The knitted dress has been pressed and just needs stitching up and that little rag doll that I was so scared to start is now sitting on my worktable in her birthday suit waiting patiently for me to make her dress..oh and she needs hair too! She's really quite cute and will be making her debut hopefully tomorrow. Until then....

Monday, 5 April 2010

Time to take stock...

OK - now that we've completed a number of projects I need to stand back and take stock of where to go next. On my workbench are a number of miniatures that I've still to finish, namely... numerous cross stitched cushions and rugs (the cross stitching isn't the problem but sewing up the cushions and backing the rugs is sooooo tedious!), a knitted dress that, when making it up, I managed to graft one shoulder seam so that it shows on the outside ..doh!.. so that needs unpicking (I hate unpicking!) and resewing, books (leftovers from Boxroom Books) to make up for another project, pull-a-long toy which needs wheels, beaded handbags kit - bought at a fair and not even opened yet!, and last, but by no means least, a kit to make a 3.25" rag doll - again bought with good intentions and not yet started. (The "skill will be required" bit on the packaging scares!)

I'm still sticking, well almost, to my resolution not to buy anymore bits and pieces for my hobby until we're a good way through what I have but I can feel myself drifting off course and looking at things I shouldn't be - like a dolls house shop on ebay that needs renovated..drool!

But enough, The Laurels is sitting forlornly by my side as I type having not had a thing done to it in months. I tend to put all those miniatures I acquire for The Laurels into one of the rooms (just to keep my craftroom tidy, you understand!) but my son says that it now looks like squatters have moved in....

so once I clear the aforementioned minis I will be back to introduce you properly to The Laurels!

Yippee....Another finished (as it can be, for now) project!

Being at home this weekend I was able to spend some time finishing off the market stall. Finally, Plants & Flowers is open for business.The gardener, Mr Pottit, has taken over the reins and promises to keep it well stocked, with some more additions from me still to be added, no doubt. Hope you like it.. x
And before I sign off, welcome to three new followers, Trish, Sylvia and Vinchen - thanks for dropping by!