Monday, 21 June 2010

Some Days!!!!!!

Some'd be better staying under the duvet!
Today was one such day - the car decided that it wasn't playing any longer so one trip to the dealer, two friends who provided lifts and a brand new car battery later left me significantly poorer than I was this morning!
Work...less said about that the better!
And then to top it all....after providing free board and lodgings to a visiting blackbird family throughout the spring and keeping the cats away from their young, how do they repay me? By eating my one and only strawberry! And yes, it was behind netting - houdini blackbirds it seems we have!
At least the sun's shining and tomorrow can only be better......


  1. I understand you perfectly and I sympathize with you. Really, the disappearance of the strawberry is unforgivable.

    Cheer up, starting the summer!


  2. Allison you sound like your having a right day of it im sorry. I hate stress and you have had a lot of it today hope tomorrow is a better day for you

  3. Thank you, ladies! I'm calmer now x

  4. Es verdad que algunos dias seria mejora no levantarse de la cama y dejar que pasasen de largo jejejejeje
    Pero una vez que te has levantado......lo que hay que intentar es que pasen deprisa jejeje
    Seguro que mañana sera "Un gran dia"
    te lo deseo.
    besitos ascension

  5. Hi Allison im sorry im not upto much right now i really appreciate you making me these lovely gifts i cant thank you enough i cant wait to recieve your package thank you thank you


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