Saturday, 28 August 2010

A Bed for the Laurels Nursery

Hi Everyone and welcome to some more new followers!

A while back I showed you the bed I had made for the nursery from a metal kit. I was soooo in love with that bed....until it came to finishing the base! The plastic side bars that came with it proved to be utterly useless at holding it together and the ends kept falling away. I finally resorted to a gluing a solid base to the frame to keep it together which wasn't really how I had imagined it but as it would not be seen it was the only way to go. I've spent an enjoyable afternoon making the bedding and taming the quilt and am pleased to share with you, this....

Have a lovely weekend, wherever you are x


  1. La cama te ha quedado perfecta.
    Y la ropa de cama es una preciosidad, me encanta como la has hecho.
    besitos ascension

  2. Gracias, Ascensión. Se ve tan acogedor!

  3. Smashing Bed I love those old fashioned bedpost just like in Bedknobs and Broomsticks the Disney film

    well done

    I have just finished the stairs in my Laurels

  4. Thanks Gail - looking forward to seeing your update on Laurels. My stairs are not even started! x

  5. The bed has come out wonderfully after your tweaking. Lovely choice of bed linen.

  6. I've also made this bed and resorted to making a solid wooden base for it. I used two part Rocket Glue.
    I love the bedding, you've draped it very realistically.

  7. Thanks Gillian! The mattress was covered in cling film, the quilt sprayed liberally with starch and then held in place with elastic bands until dry before it finally looked like a quilt! The things we do for our craft :)


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