Saturday, 8 January 2011

New Year! New Project!

Yes, I know I already have several projects on the go but one more won't hurt, will it?

Over a year ago I started putting together an Orchid dolls house by Corona Concepts, a sister company to Greenleaf. The plywood proved to be a bit of a pain and after much anguish the dolls house was put to one side. I don't even have a name for it yet but over the Christmas holidays I had a sudden surge of mini-madness and started working on it again. I've not yet decided how the exterior should look so I started on the inside while I thought about the outside. First thing I did was remove the dividing walls as they made the rooms so small they were practically unusable. Next I found that standard 12th scale furniture I had in my stash looked a bit too big, hmm? So what's a girl to do but to make a custom-fit kitchen!!

Using my favoured mountboard, glue and plenty of paint I created a range cooker, cupboards and shelving. Here's one end of the kitchen, I couldn't help but start to 'accessorise' but no doubt things will change in time...

The wall tiles are also made of dark grey mountboard. I measured out a grid of 1cm squares and using a very sharp craft knife scored along the grid lines twice with a little gap in between each line. Then using the tip of your knife you can lift the coloured top layer of paper to reveal a pale background which becomes the grout lines. I picked out some random tiles and painted them blue and white to match the colour scheme and then painted over it all with an acrylic gloss varnish. I was so pleased with how they turned out!

I had some red gingham fabric in my cupboard that I bought long ago which was perfect for the curtain in front of the shelving.

I would love granite worktops for my RL kitchen but can't afford them so having them in my dolls house is the next best thing. These are made from Fimo in 'Granite' and I like them soooo much!

So that's where we're at .... back with some more soon x


  1. I do love your kitchen style! That old 'wireless' is so cute and did you really use mounting board to make the cooker? Granite work areas look great too.

  2. Love your kitchen and especially like the radio - cool as! The vegetable rack looks good too.

  3. Thanks Ladies! Yes, Lize, mountboard is fabulous for making miniature furniture especially if you don't like cutting wood! The 'controls' for the range are serrated washers and the hotplates are made of two wooden discs - I love making these ranges!

  4. Allison me encanta como has dejado tu cocina.
    Eres muy imaginativa y has podido tunear todos los muebles.
    El marmol de granito "en fimo", te ha quedado de lo mas real enhorabuena por el trabajo.
    Feliz fin de semana
    besitos ascension

  5. It's really super!! Well done.

  6. Ok, now how CUTE is this kitchen!?!?!! I love the red, white & blue. Everything is so perfect. The accessories, the vegetable rack, the radio, the stove! I can't believe it's made out of mount board. I would have never known. I thought it was one of those AGA stoves. I LOVE it!! Have you ever made a tutorial for it?

  7. Hey Robin, Happy New Year! Your project is just great. I have a mini project on my list for the year. I'll let you know when I start it. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Your kitchen look perfect already! I love the colours<3 Have a nice weekend!

  9. I just love your kitchen. retro radio is too cool!!! I will try working with mount board as I love your stove. This whole kitchen goes together really well.


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