Sunday, 13 May 2012

Bedroom & Dressing Room

Spurred on by your lovely comments I've finished the master bedroom and converted what used to be the wasted space of the staircase into a dressing room.  Because the carcass had half-landings built in the only way round this problem was to add a false wall in front of the landings resulting in a small but functional area.  The false wall in this room is meant to look like a wardrobe :)

I'm not sure that the style of furnishing in these rooms suit the overall feel of the house but until I revamp the other set of furniture I have it'll do for now.

Hope you like it so far!  Back soon x


  1. I LOVE this bedroom. It is just like my friend's room in her London Edwardian home - even the dressing table looks the same. I've always envied M's lovely home, now my doll's house dolls are envying this one!

  2. Una fantastica habitacion , me encanta.
    besitos ascension

  3. Wonderful bedroom and I love the dressing room. Pretty colors too.

  4. This is a lovely bedroom. Love the colors you used - especially love the purple robe and the dress on the bed that says 'think pink'.
    Many hugs and kisses, conny


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