Saturday, 3 September 2016

A New Dolls House is born....

Hello again and thanks to Wendy and Jenni who left comments - it feels lovely to be back in the fold :)

Well Mimosa Cottage has been unpacked - I'd forgotten how many pieces there are in a dolls house!

I've built it but haven't glued it together yet because I remember from experience all those nooks and crannies that become inaccessible once the glue sets!

I've decided that this will be a cosy little Bed and Breakfast establishment and have renamed it Honeysuckle Cottage (mainly because that was the only house name sign that took my fancy when I last attended a dolls house fair.)  So Honeysuckle Cottage it is.  The basement will house the kitchen, laundry room and have a comfy sofa for the owner to rest on after attending to her guests.  The ground floor will be the breakfast room and guest lounge.  Two bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms on first floor and owners bedroom and bathroom in the attic.  There is also a little courtyard to the front of the property for use by the owner.  I think we'll start with the basement and work upwards.

First thing I wanted to do was enlarge the door between the two rooms so out came the hacksaw and in went the french doors.  Really (not) looking forward to painting those!

I also wanted the house to feel as though it 'worked' as a proper house so decided to install features to give the illusion of further spaces - do you know what I mean?  A staircase leading upstairs, the impression of a bigger room glimpsed through an open door, that sort of thing.  I had a load of MDF stairs left over from a previous project so with some lolly-pop sticks, spindles, MDF scraps and some paint here's my first Ta-Dah moment in a long time ....

I'm really please at how this has worked out.  The photograph shows it where it will eventually be fixed in place but I plan to add a false wall to make it look as though it's going further up than the eye can see.

I've acquired a resin cooking range which definitely needs some TLC to make it look more realistic and a fabulous fridge freezer that I am soooo looking forward to filling with all those miniatures I have that haven't seen the light of day in years.

Happy crafting, until next time! xxx


  1. Great idea with the stairs! They look beautiful! :D

    1. Thanks Brae - I've always been in awe of your miniature creations x

  2. What a great idea! my childhood dolls' house had doors in, or rather on, the back wall. They didn't open and just gave the ipression that there were other rooms beyond, which did away nicely for the ned for one of the two upstairs room to have to be a bathroom.
    I have been looking at the Mimosa Cottage but have decided to wait until the family have built their real house and can take their furniture etc out of our house and the storage space can become dolls' house space. I shall just enjoy watching the progress you make instead!

    1. Thanks Jenann - I hope you enjoy following the progress and that you can soon start on your own project x

  3. Wow! How exciting! Thanks for showing the steps. I love your ideas to show ways to places that don't exist. I also love the idea of the house being a bed and breakfast. I'm hoping for a good snow this season so I can stay in and work on my room box.


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