Wednesday 3 January 2018

Happy New Year!

Welcome 2018!

I always love the anticipation of a brand new year and the dreams we have for it.  As I indicated in my last post, this year I intend to reclaim my life in 2018 and part of that includes getting back to crafting and blogging.

So, where to start?  There's not been much progress in the way of miniatures recently so I thought I'd start by trying to finish off those little projects that have been sitting on the shelf for way too long and to show you those that did make it past the finishing post but which weren't shared with you at the time.

Firstly, here's a little quarter scale (1:48) cottage from Petite Properties.  It's called 'Post Office Cottage'.  These little kits are a joy to work with as the pieces are so precisely cut and the detailing is amazing.

It was externally painted, given a 'thatched' roof (made from a nylon pan scourer ☺) and landscaping added.  Can you see the post box hidden in the foliage?

Internally it was wallpapered and floored.  I've yet to furnish it properly - the items you see in the house definitely need some tweaking to make them look better!

I love the old telephone box at the side too - have a peek inside ...

I have another Petite Properties kit to finish which I plan to share with you next.  So until next time ❤


  1. What a delightful cottage!!! And the telephone box is really cute.

  2. What a charming little cottage! I have that same furniture - this is a wonderful way to showcase it. Hope to see more sometime. Cheers!


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