Monday, 24 May 2010


Forgive me bloggers - I've been away too long! I've been a bit out of sorts recently which I attribute to the fact that it has now been a year since my Mum passed away, years too early at the age of 64, and we still feel the loss. However over the past few days I've felt a bit more optimistic, helped no doubt by a few days of glorious weather here in the west of Scotland. The plant I mentioned in my last post has finally burst into bloom. I like to think that at this time last year it sensed the sadness surrounding us and kept its blooms to itself but that now it's making up for it. Here's how it looks today....

I'm off now to sit quietly in the garden for a while before the family arrive back home. Take care everyone x


  1. Espero que con el tiempo, todo se apacigue.
    Es un perdida muy dolorosa y siendo tan joven, lo siento.
    Las flores son preciosas!!
    besitos ascension

  2. Gracias por sus amables palabras x

  3. Hi Allison hope your feeling a little better the plant looks beautiful

  4. I am so glad you're feeling better and the flowers are gorgeous.


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