Thursday, 6 May 2010

The Little Treat

Here's what has been taking up my time over the past week...

..a little street scene in which to display my wee teddy. The shop is called 'The Little Treat' and while I initially thought about a sweet shop I have loads of cakes made at a polymer clay workshop that I might use instead. Here's how it came about..

First I stripped a picture frame, stained it and fixed a piece of foamboard into the centre. Next, more foamboard was cut for the back of the scene and to make the bay window for the shop. I already had a spare window so decided to use that but left it removable so I can arrange the window display. I wallpapered the inside of the shop and glued it all together.

I had wanted a textured finish to the walls so decided to try out a technique I once read about. In theory a thick layer of gesso is painted over the walls and allowed to dry. A brick colour is painted over the gesso and once dry you should be able to score lines in the gesso to simulate brick - it didn't work!!! So, as I want to make this on a budget of zilch, I used some left over brick paper. I didn't have a shop door in my stash so I turned to my trusted mountboard and made a door.

I decided to go with a mixture of landscaping so the paving slabs are squares of mountboard stippled with a textured paint, glued in place and then the remaining area was filled with gravel. I've recently been practising making plants so have added them to the scene too.

The shop window is a little empty at present so I'll be busy stocking it when I can. Hope you have enjoyed this little diversion 'cos it's back to business soon x


  1. Hey Allison it looks fab so far you have a wonderful imagination for making something from nothing i'd love to be able to do that

  2. Oh Rachel I'm sure you could - just have a good look around at all your stash and think "What can I make with this?" Maybe that should be the theme for a swap in the group? And make a decision not to buy any more stuff until some of what you have is used up - I know it's sooooo hard, but try! xx

  3. Pues te esta quedando genial, eres un artista con mucha imaginacion, para inprovisar
    Pasare para ver tu escaparate lleno.
    besitos ascension

  4. I am so amazed by you mini people. I've got to get some projects done before attempting a mini. Thanks for showing.


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