Friday, 16 July 2010

Magazine Giveaway!

I'm endeavouring to keep my craftroom reasonably tidy and one area that always seems to overflow is my shelf of I've decided to thin out my collection a little. I couldn't bear to put them in the recycling bin and haven't the will to list them on eBay so thought that some fellow bloggers might have a use for them?

The majority are dolls house magazines although there are a few on cross stitching, teddy bear making and quilting. I've sorted about half of them so if you're interested send me an email and I'll forward a list for you to pick what you want. Strictly on a first come, first served basis! If this is successful then I'll sort the rest and post that at a later date.

I need the space so I hope to hear from you soon x


  1. Hi Allison, I am interested in the magazines on dollshouses :-)

  2. Hi Allison,I would love to participate in your lovely giveaway,miniregards from Spain

  3. I would love to have any miniature magazines you would like to get rid of... I sent you an email also.


  4. I would love magazines about quilting - thanks for your sharing!

  5. Hej igen Allison.
    Jeg kan desværre ikke finde et sted, hvor jeg kan sende dig min e-maill.
    Jeg håber du kan finde mig, hvis jeg er heldig at få glæde af din give away!
    Knus Eva

  6. Thank you all for your interest in my magazine giveaway.
    Lara - your magazines will be posted tomorrow.
    Sonia, Anna & Eva - I've emailed the list to you, just let me know if there are any magazines you would like.
    Mimi - Would you email me so I can send the list to you too? I haven't been able to find your contact details.
    Regards, Allison


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