Sunday, 25 July 2010


I see that I have reached 50 followers...who'd have thought it?
May I welcome all the new comers from the past few weeks and, again, thanks to those who have been with me for a while!
As always your blogs are inspiring, informative and thoroughly enjoyable.
Here's to blogging!


  1. Es un placer visitar tu blog y ver tus preciosos trabajos!!
    besitos ascension

  2. Congratulations on your first 50 followers. Here's to the next 50..xx

  3. Hello Allison, it's nice to meet a blogger from Bonnie Scotland, the land of my ancestors. They came from the Black Isle, north of Inverness. I've travelled there in my twenties and felt immediately at home as I crossed the English border, funny isn't it. I love your little felted dog and also if you find any more miniature magazines you don't want I would be interested. I could forward you the postage cost or perhaps do a swap if you like something on my blog.
    Mini hugs,

  4. Yeah 54 and counting..I thought I was a follower since I had you on my blog is official..I am now..congrats honey child....ohhh and the pooch is pretty adorable...I have a doll house, most of the furnishings and peeps I made dog or cat...mmmmm blessings ms

  5. Hello there well done on the 50 followers ive just started so long way to go to catch you up.

    how do you get blogs i follow on to your profile
    can you help


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