Tuesday, 15 February 2011

I've lost three weeks!

I have absolutely no idea where the last three weeks have gone!!!
It's not as if I've been particularly busy, no one has called on my time, no extra hours at work and the house looks much as it always does.
The time has gone and I feel that I've nothing to show for it!
Well perhaps that's not strictly true. My eye is drawn to the coffee table in the living room, a table which has all but disappeared under an avalanche of charts, threads, fabric and frames - ah, yes, now I remember. I was possessed by my stitching demon and I have been totally absorbed in cross stitch over the last few weeks to the exclusion of all other crafts! Not really good for a girl to be stitching so intensly but even sore shoulders and bleary eyes can't stop me when I've got to stitch!
I finally completed a piece of work I started about three years ago. I was never happy with some of the colour choices and kept stopping and starting it so I eventually unpicked the offending part and restitched it. I think it will be made into a cushion front so I'll show you that soon.
And then I thought it would be a good idea to sort out my threads so I bought a load of bobbins and wound, by hand, all the skeins of thread onto them. I've still loads to do. I think I'll need to buy more bobbins!
And finally, I sorted through all the charts and kits I had amassed over the years. The charts are now filed neatly and some have been flagged as new projects but this frenzy also unveiled so many works-in-progress that I'm determined not to start anything new until the backlog is cleared. I think I'll add them to the side of my blog and if you see that there is not much happening with them, would you be good enough to give me a gentle nudge?
Take care x

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  1. Do not worry, this is normal,
    it is a quantum leap and
    you will recover the 3 weeks
    when you travel to
    the parallel universe! LOL


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