Saturday, 24 September 2011

Love, love, love this tiny cottage!

Thanks for your comments on my last post.  As promised here is an update on the 144th scale cottage - well I've finished it actually but forgot to take photos of the in-between stages!!
I've done a couple of 144th scale houses before - both were much less sturdy, a lot more fiddly and a heck of a lot more expensive than this little treasure.  The detail is outstanding for the price.  It even has tiny chimney breasts, fireplaces and glazed windows.

Washtub Cottage 144th scale
It went together really easily.  I decided to wallpaper the interior as I had some left over from a previous project.  And as it is destined for display in a 12th scale dolls house I didn't bother weathering the exterior.  There are more houses in this 144th scale series and I will definitely be ordering another.

I'm really pleased with how it turned out and hope you like it too!

I can feel my creative juices flowing again so in a logical progression I'm going to start on a 48th scale house next that has been lying untouched for almost 18 months.  See you soon x


  1. I have been very good and really fantastic

  2. Hvor er det bare sødt, det lille hus! Hvad koster sådan et hus? Jeg bor i Danmark og skal sikkert købe det her i landet, men jeg vil gerne vide hvad det koster i dit land!? En hylde på væggen fyldt med små huse i en lang række, vil være rigtig flot, så det er godt at du er ved at få glæden til at lave miniature igen. Jeg glæder mig til at se, hvordan dine projekter skrider frem!

  3. Allison it's such a charming little house! =)

  4. That's the sweetest little house! Very nicely finished too.

  5. Hi Allison it looks really cute i love it

  6. It is beautiful, I like what you did in the inside.

  7. It came out so darling. I have purchased a similar house so it was wonderful to see what you have done to yours!!! I love it.

  8. Me encanta el resultado,es una casita preciosa,los tonos que has utilizado le dan un aire muy acogedor!!!!


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