Monday, 31 December 2012

Hello Fellow Bloggers!!

Hello everyone!  What a rollercoaster 2012 has turned out to be!!  I've been caring for family members and generally running everyone else's lives while they've been incapacitated - happy to say that I've now handed them back the reins with instructions to get on with things!

We also thought it would be a good idea to do some major renovations at home but this proved to be a stop-start affair because whatever we planned was always railroaded by something (or someone!) else.  Things are starting to settle down now and I'm tentatively starting to craft again.

I note that I have only managed a paltry five posts this year so far...must do better! 

I've also noticed that quite a lot of the bloggers I follow seem to have been side-tracked this year too so if that's the case with you I sincerely hope that you're back on an even keel soon xx

So - what have I been up to?  Making things mainly for other people...

A Roman blind for my sister's house...

And a bench cushion to match...


A cross-stitched cushion for my son's girlfriend (it was her Christmas gift!)...


A cross stitch 'Row of Cats' for a work colleague for her 50th birthday along with a cover for her Kindle - both of which I forgot to photograph!!

A couple of cross stitch kits made it back onto frames, one is a Cocker Spaniel for my sister that I started two years ago before remembering that I hate Anchor kits!  I had intended to give it to her as a gift at Christmas but it's more likely to become a birthday present - her birthday's in September!

Anyway that's enough for now...if you're still reading you must be longing for this post to end so I'll say bye for now and will definitely be back soon.

Wishing you all good health and every happiness in 2013!


  1. Dear Allison,
    I wish for you and all your loved ones a wonderful New Year!

  2. The cushion you made is great - so funny! Elisabeth xx


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