Saturday, 2 March 2013

Spring Inspiration!

Hello everyone! Inspired by Carol over at Wee Cute Treasures blog I have a new found lease of creativity.  Like her I am adamant that I am not buying any more craft supplies until I have used up a lot of what's lying around.  I think I've overdosed on craft products in the past and this just leads to me feeling weighed down by the amount of things I want to do.  So, with it being the start of Spring, time for a spring clean and let's bust that stash!

First to go is my hotch-potch basket of wool.  I have now imposed a ban on the acquisition of wool, unless I have a specific project for it!  So here's what's finished so far...

I have made a crocheted scarf,
Made from King Cole Riot DK

and a knitted cowl,
Made from Sirdar Snuggly 3ply

and a beret with cowl to match,
Made from Patons ColourWorks Aran

and a crocheted shawl (still needs blocking a bit more to get to the size I want),
Made from Patons 4ply cotton

And - wait for it - even some miniatures! I know!! It's been months and months since anything miniature was tackled!

There's a knitted blanket for a double bed and a knitted blanket and pillow for a baby, though photos for these are a bit poor :(

Whew! That's enough for now.

There are still some half-finished things lying around so I'll crack on with those and be back soon with the photos.

Enjoy your weekend xxx


  1. You've been busy!!! Nice work on all of the pieces, but I love the top scarf the best. :D

  2. Thanks Brae, it's my favourite too :)

  3. Hello! Your knitting is lovely - very skilled work. So smart to use up the stash. I especially love the cowl!

    I hope that you are doing well, and life is good. Cheers!


  4. Wow you've done quite a lot :) It's very pretty and I have to tell you your miniatures are epic. I've always had a special excitement about miniatures and was so pleased to find you.


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