Tuesday, 16 November 2010

The Paper Crimper

Following on from my earlier post today, here is the paper crimper I mentioned. You put the paper between the rollers and turn the handle - it's that simple. It came from our local Hobbycraft store, found among paper punches, etc. and best of all it was only £3! Hope this helps x


  1. Thanks Allison. If I can't find one here I'll ask my UK cousins to search one out for me, I think it could be one of those things that would be good to have on hand, especially since it's not expensive. I wonder what other folk use it for, it surely hasn't been invented so that we 'mini-gals' can make conservatory blinds ;)

  2. That made me laugh, Norma because I often (mis)use items in making minis. Hubby thought I was taking up fishing when I wanted to go to a fishing tackle shop. Of course I was only looking for tiny feathers for mini-hats! Why would anyone want to tie them to a fishing hook? I think the crimper is for making crinkly paper to use in cardmaking and scrapbooking - so each to their own!

  3. Hiya ... interesting to see another use .. I have one and use it for crinkling lead which can be used for decoration. Also using a heavier card it makes great corrugated sheets for outside sheds. As you say one of those tools ... not needed often until you need it tool !!


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