Sunday, 3 January 2010

Ready? Here's our first project!

Thanks for coming back! Having toiled over my project plan, the first thing I would like to finish is "Boxroom Books" This project was born around two years ago. Our (very) small craft club decided we would each take a Foolscap-sized box file and turn it into a shop front. We got the idea from another club who were exhibiting at a fair and theirs looked fabulous arranged as a high street with all sorts of shops ranging from a carpet and rug shop (great way to use up those leftover pieces of carpet) to a baby shop with the tiniest knitted garments I'd ever seen. After several starts (you know, when you start off with an idea and end up with something totally different) I finally decided that my box looked a bit like a Dickensian book you agree?

Anyway I didn't really want to set it in that time period so with a bit of artistic licence I began cutting, folding and gluing loads of tiny books (some more modern than others) to fill the tables outside the shop and for the window display. I've made around 50 so far and think I need a fair bit while I do that I'll leave you with photos of the project so far. Will be back in a day or so with an update!


  1. I love this it looks great did you buy or make the windows i love the idea you know you've given me another idea for yet another project do you have a plan for a bigger craft shed lol...

  2. Hi, the windows were bought at a fair, very cheaply too - I think they were only about £2 each! Now, Resist, Resist, Resist - did that work? No? You're just gonna have to add this to your list!!!


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