Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Happy Birthday!

To me!!! Today is my birthday and, even better, I've a day off work....woohoo! I plan to do nothing today that does not fill me with joy - so that means no housework, no cooking. Just hobbies, hobbies, hobbies!

Oh yes, we're to start something new today, haven't we? OK next on the hit list is my Mulberry Cottage. This is in 24th scale and as I have recently been working on items for a 24th scale swap it seems fitting to continue in this scale.

I bought this wee cottage at a fair - very much an impulse buy as it was reduced in price and I love a bargain! There's a fair bit of it been done already - can you see a pattern emerging? I start something full of enthusiasm and then drift off to something else. I think some exterior finishing, the roof and lighting is enough to be going on with today so if you'll excuse me I've work to do......see you again soon x

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