Friday, 15 January 2010

OK...Fancy some 144th scale?

I have ventured twice into the world of 144th scale. The first was this georgian house which I bought at a fair as a kit. I liked it because it was very symmetrical and I like symmetry in a house! It was simple to put together, sturdy and looks great in the nursery at 48 The Laurels. (I'll share The Laurels with you another day).

Spurred on by the success of that kit I immediately bought another. For those of you who know the american doll house manufacturer Greenleaf Dollhouses, it is a replica of one of their popular 12th scale houses, 'The Garfield.' I simply do not have the room for a 12th scale Garfield so this seemed the next best thing. It got off to a great start and then I seemed to run out of steam... so it has been sitting forlornly on my worktable with no roof for the past six months. There's really not much to do, I think it's more fiddly than anything but I'll crack on and will hopefully be able to show you the completed house very soon. Until then....

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