Friday, 1 January 2010

Happy New Year!

A new year, a new decade, a new blog. At this time of year I always make plans, write lists - I like lists - and go into January full of anticipation and resolve that this year will be different from all the rest, that this will be the year that I get organised! My initial list ran to 21 to-dos, ranging from decluttering the house to knowing what's for dinner - at least on a daily basis! But as this blog is an attempt to focus on my hobbies and share them with like-minded folk, item 15 on my list - did I say I like lists? - is to not buy any more craft materials until I have made a significant dent in the number of unfinished projects currently lurking in my home. Sound familiar? I think it's something that all crafters, regardless of their 'speciality' are guilty of. So will you join me on my journey into the depths of my craftroom (and dining room too on occasion!) as I work through my backlog of part-finished creations? I'm off now to formulate a plan (Oh, I feel another list coming on!) and will report back soon to let you know what we're going to be working on this month. See you soon!

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