Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Allsorts of things going on....

After a gentle prod from miniaturemaid (thanks Rachel!) here's a quick update in the world of miniatureallsorts! I have been working away on minis but real life work is getting in the way and seriously curtailing my fun! After finishing the clear out of my craftroom I'm trying so hard not to mess things up again but it's soooo hard to be tidy. I've been playing around with some new designs for cushions and making cute little tassels from thread and beads. Here are a couple of the new designs...

I've also been putting together a special swap in return for the most wonderful flower kits I received from a member of our swap group. All items are to be displayed in a ladies dress shop but as I don't want to spoil her fun in unwrapping them I will post a photo of all the items when she receives it!
Other than that I've been working on full-size cross stitch projects. The Pako Dolls House is finished, larger than I expected, and added to the rest to be framed. What I like to do is make miniature versions of my finished cross stitched projects so here are a couple that I've made so far.
Promise I'll be back on the ufo-busting bandwagon soon - the plant and flower stall is so near completion that I'm ashamed I've not posted on the grand opening before now!

But before I go may I welcome some new followers to my blog - Marivigano and Angeles - Hi Girls!!!

Be back with you soon x


  1. Everything is really lovely!

  2. Whaaayyy well done Allison i was wondering where you had got to, i love your cushions i still havent learned how to do tassles myself yet i just cant grasp it lol...
    hugs Rachel

  3. I love your needle point pillows. How lovely. I have a pattern for a rug and I'm debating on whether to use cross stitch or needle point stitches. Hmmmm....

  4. Wendy - I would go with cross stitch everything as me and needlepoint just don't get on. I usually use 18ct and above for miniatures. Look forward to seeing what you make!


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