Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Mulberry Cottage ... won't you come inside?

I've kept you waiting long enough so here it is...Mulberry Cottage is finished (or as finished as it can be for now! There are still some bits and pieces to finish and the roof is causing me no end of problems due to the undulations around the upper windows so it has been shelved for now while I sit with my thinking cap on trying to find a solution - paperclay tiles perhaps?) As always with dolls houses it's the little accessories that make it a home and I'm looking forward to adding to this house in time so for now, won't you come inside for a tour? I hope you enjoy your visit!

There's still loads of unfinished projects to get through so I'll go back to consulting my lists and will be back with you soon.... oh, and if anyone can offer suggestions as to how to finish that darned roof, they would be most welcome x


  1. That's a great start! Looking forward to watching it 'come alive' with the addition of all the little accessories.

    I don't know if this is the good news or the bad news but I believe those little 'undluations' as you call them mark this house as one that would in the 'real world' have a thatched roof.

  2. Hi Norma - Yes, a thatched roof would look good and the man who sold me the house went to great lengths to instruct me in 'thatching' it - involving sifting a bag of sawdust several times, mixing with glue and wood stain, etc.etc.etc!! It looked really effective but I can't see me doing that! However, there is a house locally where the roof is similar shaped and tiled and it looks really neat so I'll ponder that one for a while. Wonder if the owners would let me take a photo of it??????

  3. Hi Allison
    Your cottage is gorgeous i have left an award for you at my blog

  4. Ohhh sweetheart....I adore your dollhouse...I can't tell you how much...cause I cannot find the words lol...how lovely. I am following you in hopes that you keep me inspired..
    blessings from Canada. madame samm

  5. Lovely little dolls house.



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