Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Tidy It for Goodness Sake!!!

....is usually my war-cry about my sons' bedrooms but I have to admit that today when I looked at
my craftroom ...
and the dining room table...
and the sideboard...
(actually, sideboard looks quite tidy!)
and the floor at the side of my sofa...

...that I was in no position to criticise! In fact, I had to look for my camera to take these photos! So the rest of today will be spent tidying up my mess so that tomorrow I can start all over again! Have a wonderful day, everyone x


  1. All my sympathy. I find myself in the same boat!

    Who made this mess?
    I did, I did!

    But normally, out of the bigger messes comes the best 'creation'.

  2. Actually I think it is pretty good...I am a neat freak though, sew it stands to reason, I am pretty critical...but your counter with all of your mags..which I find downright satiable...is quite orderly...sew there...
    blessings ms

  3. No te preocupes, me parece que todas las que hacemos miniaturas estamos en tu lugar jejejeje
    besitos ascension

  4. Allison I think we are all the same. No one believes Minis can make so much mess..LOL


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