Monday, 15 March 2010

Boxes, Boxes, Everywhere!

Is it just me or do you all keep empty boxes too? While clearing out my craftroom I seem to have acquired all sizes and shapes of boxes: cardboard, plastic, wood, tin, ceramic. Some are just plain useful and reused to post things. Others are kept because they are beautiful and I can't bear to part with them, like this one that I keep my completed cross stitched items in while they're waiting to be framed...

Then there are the tiny ones that housed jewellery now transferred to jewellery box - they're my favourite, I've loads of them - all empty! But three boxes that I kept because I envisaged using them for miniature scenes are these three..
Measuring approximately 8" x 5" x 6" I don't think they're big enough for a 12th scale scene but perhaps as 24th scale scenes they would be perfect. The question now is - what should go in each box? I'm handing this over to you. I focus better on a project if there is a theme to work to so your suggestions would be appreciated. Might even try one of those poll-widget-thingys if we have enough suggestions. So comments at the ready....

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  1. Hi Allison why not make a jewellers shop in one it seems quite fitting if they were once jewelery boxes
    hugs Rachel


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