Monday, 27 September 2010

Anyone for crochet?

My mini mojo seems to have deserted me so for now my blog seems now to be more about Allsorts and less about all things Miniature. Nevertheless, there's been loads of crafting going on here. I've been teaching myself how to crochet. I could crochet an edging around things but following a pattern and using 'proper' crochet stitches had always baffled me. I had been looking for a knitting pattern for a shrug and the only ones I could find were crocheted so what else can a girl do but to join the crochet brigade. Here's my first effort, don't laugh - it's a scarf!

I'm quite pleased with it but, between you and me, I think I'll continue with my hunt for a knitting pattern!


  1. hi allison i cant crochet but it looks really good to me if it was my first attempt i'd be more than happy

  2. Thanks Rachel! The challenge now is to scale it down to miniature sizes - might take a while!

  3. I have to agree, for a first attempt I'd be happy with that to. I have done crochet some years ago and must get back into it.

  4. fabulous hun, really good first attempt i too have just learnt to crochet i have been doing the different stiches and getting the tension correct I made a little bag for my collectable doll and now feel ready for a big project so just got some wool to make a big blanket


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