Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Knitting Revival!

Still no sign of the mini-mojo but I've not been idle. My son was going to buy a new hat. You've probably seen the youngsters wearing them - the slouchy ones, reminds you of Papa Smurf? Anyway, he seemed quite happy to part with £35 - yes, thirty five pounds! - for a woolly bunnet until I said that I could knit one for much less.

"Yes, but this one is bamboo!" he points out,
"Yes, I can buy bamboo yarn too!" I reply.
"Well can you make one, then?" he asks,
"No problem" says I and off I go to Google bamboo yarns.....

Hmmmm, not as many as I thought! But determined not to give up I headed for local craft store and found two balls of bamboo yarn in the colour he had requested. Home again, rummage for knitting needles as it has been sooooo long since I last used them et voila...

Papa Smurf!!! Sorry, I mean my dearest son modelling his sock hat! And for less than £5 (not including my labour!) It's also reminded me how much I enjoy knitting so I think there will be more on my needles soon, especially as he would now like more hats in other colours!


  1. Great job, it would take me forever to knit that. I once spent weeks knitting myself a jumper, only to find once I had sewn it together it looked like it would fit a chimpanzee. Looooong arms, needless to say I never wore it!
    Your knitting is so neat too, maybe you should sell them on ebay!

  2. Thanks Margaret, luckily it was a small item so didn't take too long. I sympathise with you as I hate sewing up knitted garments - there's always one part that never does as it should!

  3. love the hat for papa smurf errr i mean your son who looks really dashing in mum was a great knitter but i couldnt really get the hang of it but recently leant to crochet


  4. Great hat and your knitting is so neat. You'll get orders from his friends but make sure you put on a bit for 'labour'! Gill x


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