Friday, 3 September 2010

Dreaming about Autumn

Thank goodness the weekend is upon us and the stresses of the past week can be forgotten!

Now that we're in September I've noticed that the weather has turned decidedly cooler here in the west of Scotland. There's a nip in the air when I leave for work in the morning followed by some watery sunshine and cool nights. The trees are changing colour and it's now, more than at any other time of the year, that I want to stay at home, to cook, to bake, to make things for the house - start settling down for winter, in other words. Does anyone else feel like that?

I know that it may seem to some too early to think about Autumn but it's my favourite time of year. I've started planning what crafts I want to do over the coming months and as well as miniatures, I want to make some more bears and dolls, try my hand at making handbags (real life size as I'm a handbag junkie!) and have a go at quilt making to try to use up some of my fabric stash. Wouldn't it be nice to give up work over the winter months?

So it looks like I'll be busy and, of course, I'll be sharing it all with you and drawing inspiration from your fabulous blogs. I can't wait....x


  1. Gosh, they are very ambitious and creative plans! One way to while away the long, dark winter evenings....much better than the tele. I look forward to seeing them.

  2. my fav time of year also its like your closing a chapter ready for the year end to start afresh in the spring. I too love Halloween. We are having a cooler start in the mornings but the last two days we have had misty start then warm sunshine.
    I love the thought of snuggling up by a warm fire at home doing all my hobbies

  3. Si, el otoño es tambien mi estación preferida, aqui en España es preciosa.
    Volveré para ver tus trabajos que me han gustado mucho.
    Besos Clara


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