Tuesday, 7 September 2010

"Sisters! There were never such devoted sisters...."

Our wee craft group (and I mean wee - there's two of us!) recently started again and I was looking for something to take along. As I've been in a sewing mood recently, I brought out my unfinished raggy dolls to see what actually needed to be done to finish them. As usual with me, it was not a lot! So after some finishing touches may I introduce you, a little out of season, to 'Christmas Rosie'....

and her sister, 'Raggy Ruby' ...

There is still a pair of legs sticking out of my work-in-progress box wearing black cotton stockings festooned with orange stars - looks like that young lady will be a Hallowe'en witchlet! Although 'witch' Hallowe'en is anyone's guess x


  1. Hi Allison i love your dolls your very clever i hope your feeling better now life is horrible sometimes but hey chin up as they say mine should be on the ceiling lol...

  2. HI Alison many thanks for your kind words on my blog i know what you mean about the reborn dolls although i collect them some are a bit scary to me also, but still work of art.

    Love your raggy dolls - love the idea of the halloween one would be interest in seeing her
    Do you sell your raggies as i adore any think witchy



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