Thursday, 30 September 2010

It's the little things that remind us...

Whilst knitting away recently I remembered that my sister said there was a bag of wool at home, did I want it? Assuming that it was wool that my Mum had bought but never got round to using I accepted it. It was put aside and has lain in a bag until today.....

When I opened the bag I found that my Mum had started to knit herself a cardigan and there it was still on her needles. My Mum died last year far too young and seeing her unfinished work really caught me by surprise.

The wool is lovely and the colour matches a dress I bought recently so the sensible thing would be to knit a really pretty shrug or cardi but I can't quite bring myself to unwind my Mum's work. I know Mum would tell me not to be silly and just to get on with it but for now that little piece of knitting will stay just as it is...


  1. I can truly understand this bitter-sweet moment. As a mum I'd tell you exactly what you're thinking your mum would say, but as a daughter who lost my mum at a very young age I'd say keep it exactly as it is. It doesn't matter that it's a 'work in progress', it's a treasure beyond anything you could make if you pulled it down. A big hug to you - Norma

  2. That's wonderful that you found that! I would leave it just the same, too.

  3. I understand you only too well. Keep it, your Mum, as well as mine, would say it's not sensible but I'd feel too bad to destroy something made by her.Rosanna

  4. i would want to leave it as is too...such a nice homely reminder of her :) Linda x

  5. I would leave it as well. Even if your Mum would tell you not to be silly, I am sure she'd be touched that you left it as is. :]

  6. Thanks for all your comforting words, ladies, they are very much appreciated. A big hug to you all xx

  7. having lost my mum far too early and sudden i can fully understand how you feel. I couldt even throw away a note she left me a couple of days before god saw fit to take her. Keep the knitting and when you see it i am sure it will bring back the wonderful memories of your mum and make her feel close to you



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