Monday, 5 April 2010

Time to take stock...

OK - now that we've completed a number of projects I need to stand back and take stock of where to go next. On my workbench are a number of miniatures that I've still to finish, namely... numerous cross stitched cushions and rugs (the cross stitching isn't the problem but sewing up the cushions and backing the rugs is sooooo tedious!), a knitted dress that, when making it up, I managed to graft one shoulder seam so that it shows on the outside ..doh!.. so that needs unpicking (I hate unpicking!) and resewing, books (leftovers from Boxroom Books) to make up for another project, pull-a-long toy which needs wheels, beaded handbags kit - bought at a fair and not even opened yet!, and last, but by no means least, a kit to make a 3.25" rag doll - again bought with good intentions and not yet started. (The "skill will be required" bit on the packaging scares!)

I'm still sticking, well almost, to my resolution not to buy anymore bits and pieces for my hobby until we're a good way through what I have but I can feel myself drifting off course and looking at things I shouldn't be - like a dolls house shop on ebay that needs renovated..drool!

But enough, The Laurels is sitting forlornly by my side as I type having not had a thing done to it in months. I tend to put all those miniatures I acquire for The Laurels into one of the rooms (just to keep my craftroom tidy, you understand!) but my son says that it now looks like squatters have moved in....

so once I clear the aforementioned minis I will be back to introduce you properly to The Laurels!


  1. I don't feel so bad now! That room looks exactly like the attic in the 1:12 house I've started fiddling with - I keep taking things out of their boxes to 'try them for size' but then they somehow end up 'higgeldy-piggeldy' in the attic - it now looks like some kind of terrible earthquake has occured LOL

  2. It's so nice to find other creative types who have a gazillion projects going at the same time and try desperately not to add more until others are done. Just from this post, I'm going to enjoy my week.

    As far as the Laurels, it looks like a great place to squat. LOL Can't wait for the intro.


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