Friday, 23 April 2010

It's not on my list, but...

It's a great feeling getting all those little bits and pieces finished up and even starting again on The Laurels but I feel restless and, for my sanity, I need a little diversion - but it's just a little diversion, if that's any excuse! While clearing out some....junk, I think is the best word, I came across a box of old picture frames and it got me thinking that they would be ideal as the base for ... something! As they are just now they're hardly inspiring but I have a little bear by Josephine Parnell called Lollipop and it was always my intention to make a sweetie shop window for her to gaze into. Here's Lollipop...I love her to bits!

My mind is whirring with ideas so I'll be back soon with a progress report. Until then...

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