Sunday, 18 April 2010

Progress in the Nursery..

Hi again! This week I've been mainly playing with beads (those miniature beaded bags are addictive!) while waiting for the postman to bring the bed I had ordered for the nursery. But I've also revamped an old set of drawers and painted a dresser to match which I've started to fill with the toys that I've either made or been given. The Nursery now looks like this...

So lots of accessorising still to be done! And this is the bed which I have spent all day painting and assembling. I love it!!!

The glue's still wet so I'm afraid to move it at the minute but once it can be handled the base has to be painted and 'strung' so the mattress (that I've still to make) can sit on it. Then it's the soothing job of making some bedding to go on it which I'll be doing this week.
Before I go may I extend a warm welcome to miniannalee, DebbieLee and Casitamini - glad to have you here x


  1. Que dulce te esta quedando la habitacion llena de juguetes y la cama es una preciosidad, me ire pasando para ver la ropa que le pones.
    besitos ascension

  2. I just love that bed. Have you made it yourself or is it from a kit? I wish I could get a bed like that.

  3. Hi Allison your nursery looks gorgeous i love the wallpaper so cute your bed looks great i cant wait to see it dressed.
    wheres these beaded purses please lets see a picture, i made them before but since my surgery i have forgotten how to do a lot of things and unfortunately that was one of them could you please do a tutorial to remind me thanks allison

  4. Thanks for your comments, girls! Nasu - the bed is a white metal kit that you paint and build yourself - I think it's so authentic looking and Rachel, consider it done - instructions will be winging their way to you soon. (Go back a couple of posts to find photo!) Take care all x


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