Monday, 12 April 2010

May I introduce ...

I recently mentioned "48 The Laurels". This is my largest dolls house and one that is definitely for keeps. It was made in kit form by The Dollshouse Workshop and is five storeys high. I have had it for over three years having bought it locally, ready built but totally untouched, for the knockdown price of £40. From time to time I have a surge of energy and spend several days working non-stop on it then do nothing for months. I would now like all the decorating finished so I can concentrate on accessorising it.

The exterior has had several repaints ('cos I kept changing my mind!!) but I've finally settled for a red brick frontage, painted sides and white windows. I have cut out loads and loads of brick slips from card so these need to be glued on - a time consuming business and one that I keep putting off! I chose card brick slips partly to keep costs down but mainly to keep the weight down 'cos she's one heavy lady already. Here's the exterior as it is at present...

Inside - I thought I would start by showing you one of the rooms in which the decorating has been finished, the Nursery at the very top of the house. I made the fireplace from mountboard, added coals and a light and then put in a false wall at the back to allow an opening to be made to house the fireplace. The wallpaper is a Peter Rabbit design and the floor is simply stained wooden floorboards.

There is not a great deal of height in this room with it being in the attic so I chose wall lights either side of the fireplace. They were a bright brassy colour which was totally out of keeping with the rest of the room so they were given a quick coat of pewter paint to dull them down a bit. I did have some furniture in this room but it was never really right so I've left it out for now while I search for just the right pieces.

So off to work I'll go and report back soon. Take care!


  1. Que preciosidad de casa!!!!!
    Me ire pasando para ver tus avances.
    besitos ascension

  2. That's a huge house. I'm so jealous. I've been collecting all mini projects. I need another life to go with the four already for other crafty things. Thanks for sharing.


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